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Radio Baha’i, WLGI is streaming live on the Internet. The easiest way to listen is to click on the LISTEN button and the streaming player will pop up, then click on the play arrow in the lower left corner of the player. Try it out, let us know what you think, and share with your friends. After all, we can’t help you with building spiritual communities if people in your community aren’t listening.

There are several other ways to listen to Radio Baha’i using an internet connection as well, all of which are detailed below, but none as easy as the player.

The Player
The player will either launch a new browser window or will be embeded in the web page. It will display the album art, artist and song title for the current song, and display the artist and title for the last five songs or programs that were played. The player will automatically choose the best stream coding for your computer, phone or tablet, and browser. You can then choose the bandwidth that works for you from the drop down menu. “WLGI High” will give you the best sound, while “WLGI Low” will use the least amount of your data plan, and works best with slow data connections. We suggest that when you are on WiFi or connected by cable of some kind to the Internet, use the “WLGI High” stream. If you are on the cellular network, or if you are experiencing any drop outs, then choose “WLGI Low”.

Mobile Player

Scan this with a QR code scanner and the player will open automatically in your mobile device.
Scan this with a QR code scanner and the player will open automatically in your mobile device.

The mobile player looks different from the desktop player - it is specifically formatted for various mobile devices, and will look much better on them than the desktop version. If you don't see the recently played songs after you launch the mobile player, just scroll down a bit and you'll see them.

Launch Mobile Player
Launch Mobile Player

Some people might prefer to use the mobile version of the player on your desktop/laptop computer. If you click on the image of the mobile player, it will force the mobile version to load.

Media Player Client on a Computer
You can use dedicated media player apps or programs on your computer to listen to the Radio Baha'i stream. Examples include Windows Media Player, iTunes, or VLC.

To use one of these programs to listen, you'll need to download the streaming file by clicking on one of the links below. Then open the downloaded file and open it in your media player. You can do this by right-clicking the file and selecting ‘open with’ and choosing one of the above applications from the menu. You can also click and drag the file onto the icon of one of these applications. It can take more than a minute for playback to begin.

Link to live (Highest quality, moderate bandwidth: HE-AACv2 48 kbps)
Link to live-lo (Good quality, low bandwidth: HE-AACv2 24 kbps)
Link to live-mp3 (Good quality, moderate bandwidth: MP3 48 kbps)
Link to live-lo-mp3 (Fair quality, low bandwidth: MP3 24 kbps)

Streaming Radio Services for Mobile Devices
There are several streaming media services. Right now, Radio Baha'i is only available on TuneIn. We are working on being listed on some of the others. Let us know what your favorite service is and we'll try to get listed there.

To get the TuneIn app on a smart phone or tablet: Download the free TuneIn app from iTunes, Google Play, or the Windows Phone Marketplace. Once its installed, open the app and search for ‘WLGI.’ TuneIn is available for most smartphones and tablets.

Let us know if you have any problems in the comments below, via email, or call us.

38 thoughts on “Streaming

    1. Greg Kintz

      You need to install one of the players, VLC or Winamp. Once those are there, find the file that was downloaded when you clicked on the streaming link, right click on that, and then open it with VLC or Winamp, whichever one you downloaded. If you are still having problems, call us in the morning at 866-501-9544 and we'll work through it with you.

  1. Gwen Ellis-Cotton

    Well, I am SOOOO happy to be listening to RADIO BAHA'I --FINALLY!! I live in Southern California and the signal is coming thru LOUD & CLEAR & MELLOW!!! Only regret I have is that I have errands to run and can't listen to ya all day but I'll be listening on Sat. Is CJ the BEST DJ on the air Sat.?
    CONGRATS to all who have made this possible since it was a dream come true from the 1970's for me when I lived in Georgetown & my husband worked at Louis Gregory Institute. I'm sending y'all much love!!

  2. Sen McGlinn

    I have VLC, on a Windows XP desktop, but it doesn't work for me. No file is downloaded. It should be there on my desktop and in the recent downloads.

    1. Greg Kintz

      The name of the file will be "live.m3u" if you downloaded the AAC version, or "live96.m3u" for the mp3 version. Let us know if that helps or not.

  3. Sen McGlinn

    It now works, without having to open the file at all. However it took quite a while and I got error messages while my PC was thinking about it. It appears it's a question of the PC searching for the right plugin for that type of file

  4. Stewart

    Great to see you have the streaming up and rolling. Downloaded the file and added it to my iTunes!

  5. ted gore

    hello, wlgi,it is great to hear you,i live in austin,tx i lived in awendaw,sc for some time. this station brings back good thoughts,keep up the good blessings.ted gore

  6. Neil D. Chase

    I listen to music at work through Winamp. Shortly after clicking on "this file" the streaming started through Winamp.

  7. Maury Miloff

    SUCH GREAT NEWS!! I have let our community know. I am listening to it right now. Reminds me of motoring through South Carolina listening to it on the radio. O sun filled happy days!

  8. Daniel McCoy

    Hey I'm hearing the station in St Louis October 3rd, Let the positive music flow.
    90.9 FM is in my home. Hooray. Rock my house Ya'll. WoW,

  9. RogerH

    GREAT ! Good Baha'i sounds on all my devices. Way to go!
    Got internet? Then you've got Baha'i.
    The TuneIn app is on both Roku and Boxee.

  10. Jim

    I was able to download the Tunein App and that works very nicely. However, when I downloaded the "live" file to play on my computer, and it brought up Windows Media Player, nothing played. It showed "Radio Baha'i, WLGI" in the top left corner, but no audio.

    1. Colin M Hill

      Hi Jim. We have not tested the system with Windows Media Player. We recommend downloading VLC or Winamp and opening the live file with these programs. It can take a short time after connecting for the audio to begin playing. Check back with us if you're still having difficulty.

  11. Gary Boivin

    I have VLC, but it will not accept the link. I am not all that tech savvy, with regard to applications and Google Chrome, which are often like oil and water, so I will need any advice translated into plain English, with as few acronyms as possible.

    1. Greg Kintz

      I'm sorry you're having problems with the streaming. Here are the steps to get connected using VLC.
      1. Using any browser, download this file:
      2. Using your browser's download manager, find where the file, named 'live.m3u' and move it to your desktop.
      3. Open the VLC media player.
      4. Go the File menu in VLC media player, and click on open file (I believe that's how is is listed).
      5. Navigate to your desktop and open the file, 'live.m3u'
      6. You should now be streaming Radio Baha'i. Send an email to us if that doesn't work.

  12. Thozi Nomvete

    I really enjoy having this station on my computer. I can hear the station loud and clear here in Atlanta, GA. I stream it from my computer. And with iTunes, it works like magic!
    I've created a small poster that I pass round to people if they're interested to hear about this station. In this way, I don't come down on them as if I'm eager to "convert" them. (See below). And I use moments like when I'm at a doctor's office and there's some patients waiting to see the doctor. If they say they're interested, I give them the poster and assure them they will enjoy the good music. Sometimes I just ask a person: "Do you have children?" Invaribaly they say, "Yes." "Would you like to hear a prayer for them?" "Yes, I'd like to." Whereupon I open my Samsung S4 and play this YouTube video for them:
    And then I ask them: "Does that look like me?" And almost invariably they are just amazed to see a person playing his own YouTube video next to them. It has that "Woow!" feeling. Here's the poster. Unfortunately, on this medium graphics don't show up:
    Radio Bahá’í 90.9 FM
    promoting love, peace and unity
    Streaming at:
    Radio Bahá’í
    1272 Williams Hill Rd.
    Hemingway, SC 29554 Phone: 843-558-WLGI (9544)
    Toll-Free Phone: 866-501-WLGI (9544)
    Toll-Free Fax: 866-610-8659
    Email: Facebook Twitter

  13. Allison

    The format of the radio station, what you play and the inspirational quotes are such a blessing. In 1985 or so, I visited and learned a lot during the training that summer. Keep up the excellent work and service you are doing!

  14. annette

    I did get a computer to stream with C.J.'s help but it keeps either skipping or repeating the songs and/or other programing. I can get the station on one radio in my house and because of this challenge I notice the computer is not keeping up with the program on the radio. Help!


      There will always be a delay on the stream from what is broadcast. The stream is compressed, sent across the country and back, then decompressed on your computer, as opposed to the instantaneous FM broadcast signal. I'll call you later and see what we can do to help with the problems you're having.

  15. annette

    downloaded VLC media player and click media, then open network streaming and get please enter network URL. What is the network URL?

  16. Guy Ballantyne

    you weren't there last time I looked, so delighted to have found you...

    beautiful music, heartfelt thank you from the UK :))

  17. Anthony Norman

    Really lucky to I have found a Baha'i radio station, but its a pity my Internet is a complete variable.

    Do you perhaps have podcasts that I can download, it will probably be the best way to keep up in South Africa

    Loving Regards
    Anthony Norman

    1. Greg Kintz

      Anthony, we don't have podcasts because we are mostly a music station and we don't have the rights to create podcasts for our music shows.

  18. Renee Graves

    Being a lover of cultural, I appreciate this station, the music, postive vibes, sprituality, and very informative talk shows and information. I depend on you 24. I enjoy listening to all the representatives, especially my crew from magic, thank you. Bhakti for continuing the rich legacy of such beautiful, sexy music..jazz, and your non stop commitment to your community. Drum Beat, etc. Love you. Renee the northern girl in the south. O, Torrie, girl you still holding down that sweet voice, go girl. Hope to see my friends from magic. Anyone heard from "the captain"?

  19. Khalilah Ali

    opened up the link and voila! instant streaming loud n clear, so crisp! what a blessing! been thirsting for this since the days of Radio Nur. Thanks! from Toronto, Canada

  20. Joop Kiefte


    Would you consider also adding an OPUS-stream? OPUS-support got added to most platforms really quickly the latest time, and it provides really superior quality with lower bandwith.

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