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Let Us Make Your Day!

You know that saying, "You are what your eat?" Well, you are also what you listen to. Songs float through your head all day long, but you get to choose what those songs say to you. When you listen to Radio Baha'i the songs you sing to yourself will make you happier, make you smile, remind you of your spiritual reality, encourage you to be of service to others, and remind you of God's love for you. Music is, after all, "a ladder for the soul."

Our days are full of things to do, things to be paid for, and things to watch. We all need balance - and balancing our material life with our spiritual reality is essential for true happiness. Let Radio Baha'i help keep you balanced.

You can listen to Radio Baha'i at 90.9 FM if you live in Northeastern South Carolina: Horry, Georgetown, Williamsburg, Florence, and Marion Counties. Or, you can listen online by clicking the Listen button.