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Volunteering at Radio Baha’i

Radio Baha'i is always in need of volunteers that have the skills, or the time and interest to be trained, to do the various tasks required to keep the station running smoothly. Below is a list of volunteer jobs and tasks that we need assistance with. If you are interested in helping us with any of these, or need more information to consider helping us, please contact the station manager by clicking here and filling out the interest form.

Task Frequency Where


Process new music to add to playlist and database weekly Anywhere
Assist with music library ongoing Station + Internet
Assist with finding new music ongoing Anywhere
Assist with community announcements ongoing Anywhere
Find PSAs suitable for airing ongoing/one time Anywhere


Filing ongoing Station


Write PSAs - various topics ongoing/one time Anywhere
Plan and write mini-programs on a topic of interest ongoing/one time Anywhere
Plan and write Baha’i spots and mini-programs ongoing/one time Anywhere


Assist with clearing out tech room one time Station
Assist with sorting and storing old equipment one time Station
Assist with the creation of a database of music until complete Anywhere
Assist with the development of website ongoing Anywhere
Assist with creation of a program database for archives one time Anywhere


Create archive: digital recordings of program library ongoing Station
Assist with editing community affairs program ongoing Anywhere

Audience Engagement

Social media planning and updating weekly Anywhere
Website planning and updating weekly Anywhere