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Vision and Mission Statements

Radio Baha'i recently completed its new vision and mission statements. These statements give our staff and you, our listeners, a sense of what the station should be doing. It is a tool for us to use in planning new programs, evaluating old programs, and providing a guide for the future growth of Radio Baha’i and its service to you.

Copyright 2007, Baha'i International Community,

The process to develop the vision and mission statements included meeting with people from the communities in our service area, and with representatives of organizations and agencies. We heard some compliments about Radio Baha’i, and some very frank criticisms as well. We also read and studied guidance from various Baha'i sources about the purpose of Baha'i radio stations, and Baha'i perspectives on social action, community development, and engagement in the conversations of society. All of this input helped us shape our vision and our specific mission.

The next steps of our planning process will involve developing a 5-Year Strategic Plan, and an annual plan for the next year. These plans will be where we target the development of specific programs and activities to try to achieve our mission. In order to make sure we are on track, and that our plans are developed with input from our audience and communities, we are launching a Community Engagement Initiative this week. More on this in a few days.

Both the Vision and Mission statements are dynamic, in that we will refine them through an ongoing process of evaluation and reflection, which includes the Community Engagement Initiative, but also direct input from our audience. We encourage you to comment here on the website, on our Facebook page, write or call us to give us your thoughts on these statements, on our programs, and on the plans as they are developed.

Vision: Radio Baha’i contributes to a prosperous and just world civilization created by vibrant communities based on spiritual principles. The activities of the station assist communities in its service area to, “achieve a dynamic coherence between the material and spiritual requirements of life.” Radio Baha’i ensures that individuals in these communities have access to knowledge that empowers them to live lives that are based on fundamental spiritual and human values, and are inspired by and oriented to the Divine.

Mission:  Radio Baha’i contributes to positive social change by providing the various communities that it serves with access to knowledge that those communities have identified as necessary to uplift themselves and advance their community’s spiritual, cultural, social, and economic development. The station participates in consultations with the communities in order to identify these information needs.

Assumptions for the Vision and Mission statements:

  1. All activities are in keeping with the principles and teachings of the Baha’i Faith.
  2. Access to information and participation is provided using various types of media.
  3. Knowledge is both modern and traditional.
  4. The station facilitates connection and information sharing with other organizations and communities who embrace similar goals and values.