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Playing Now

Our "Playing Now" and playlist history can be viewed on the Spinitron website for Radio Baha'i, WLGI. Eventually, the playlist will be incorporated into our website, but in the meantime you can find it here. We are working on getting all of the song data updated so that all songs will display the song title, artist, and record label. There is also a link to that says, "Buy it!" which will open links to iTunes and Amazon for you to buy the song. Radio Baha'i does not receive any revenue for this, so buy the music wherever you like.

Once on the WLGI Spinitron page, there are a number of helpful places you can go:

  • The Current playlist is the landing page for link above, and is available in the navigation box on the left from any of the WLGI pages on Spinitron. This will display most of the songs that have played in the current show.
  • To find songs that played on an earlier show, or on another day, simply click on the date in the small calendar in the left-hand navigation box, look for the show or time frame that you heard the song, and then look for the particular time and you’ll find the song – if we have the data entered for it.
  • Another option for you to look for songs, or to just browse what was aired, is to click on Program schedule in the navigation box. Then you can select which show you want to see the playlists for, and then click on the date.
  • A whole other way to look at the playlist is by ArtistsDisks, or Labels. These links are also in the left-hand navigation box. This way you can look to see what songs we play from a particular artist.

Please tell us what you think and how we might be able to make this better.

16 thoughts on “Playing Now

  1. mark

    Listen to your station while visiting myrtle Beach, SC this past summer and love both. I live in Detroit Michigan and I'm trying to listen to your station via internet, but no luck. Is it possible via internet?

    1. Greg Kintz

      Not yet, but we are working on it. We'll keep you informed here on the website, on Facebook, and Twitter.

  2. Robert Major

    Idk if you remember the name of the song on Saturday June 15 at 10:30am because it sounded really good. Thank you WLGI love the station

  3. Gerald Green

    We visit the beach this weekend and feel in love with variety of music you played and like to know when you go online!!!!!! Thanks

  4. Donald Weeks

    Truly love the variety of music you play. I work the night shift here a McEntire JNGB and let me just say that I enjoy every minute of your program--especially when it it's Jaye Nichols voice I am hearing!!! Keep up the good work Ba'Hie Team....

  5. Jay Banta

    So, now that I am hooked up and I was able to hear you via iTunes. Does the stream just contiunue, or can I turn it off and on? Ya'll can tell you are dealing with a real newbie here!

    Jay Banta

    Hi to CJ!!!!

  6. link

    Ken contacted the Baha is and shared this about his discovery of the teachings of the Faith. He is now engaged with other youth within his university.

  7. Corey Williams

    Sometime after 6pm EST today (7/26/16) I heard a song called "I'll Say Yes".
    Who is the artist? I need to find that song.
    I think the host said it was by Christina, but I can't find it.

    I heard this station for the first time while driving back from Wilmington, NC last weekend. I've been enjoying it through streaming since then.


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