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Bhakti Larry Hough in the on-air control room.
Bhakti Larry Hough, operations manager at Radio Baha'i.

Radio Bahá’í is actively seeking the participation of the communities and the people that we serve in our programming. We want to hear from you. Below are the various contact details that you can use to:

  • Tell us what you think of our current programming
  • Send us a community calendar announcement
  • Invite us to do a live broadcast for an event
  • Suggest a topic for Insight
  • Participate in our visioning and planning process
Radio Baha’i
1272 Williams Hill Rd.
Hemingway, SC 29554
Phone: 843-558-WLGI (9544)
Toll-Free Phone: 866-501-WLGI (9544)
Toll-Free Fax: 866-610-8659
Email: Facebook          Twitter

Feedback, Comments (positive or negative) Suggestions, Testimonials, etc.
Call 1-866-501-WLGI  and ask for the Comment Line, or press 1 when the auto-attendant answers.

General Manager, Greg Kintz
Operations Manager, Bhakti Larry Hough
Production Manager, Ernest Hilton

65 thoughts on “Contact Us



  2. tony coles

    I've been in town since Sunday, this is my first time in the area. Your station has been tuned in every since. Really would like to know if I could get your playlist from Sunday 25 til today March 27. Did I mention your station is fantastic!! Thanks!!!

    1. gkintz

      Thank you for your kind comments. We will send you a copy of the playlists for the days you mentioned. We hope to have our playlist on air by September, and streaming by October. If you like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter you'll know as soon as it happens.

    2. Linda Zimmerman

      My name is Linda Zimmerman,
      if it is all possible I would like a play list of the 4th of July 2013. Love this station!

      Thank You

      1. Greg Kintz

        This post on our website gives you access to the playlists, current and historical. On the calendar in the left hand box, click on the date you are interested in the playlist for, and then click on the program (time slots) and look for the song. Not every song is posted there yet, as we have to work on the song data for all of the songs in our library, which takes a while. On Line Playlist Testing

  3. Norman Bowen

    When will you go live eather with an iPod app or online? I only get down to South Carolina twice a year and you station is the only media I listen to during that time. It's good to hear a station not spouting crap to the public all the time. I look foward to hearing you on the internet.
    Norman Bowen

    1. gkintz

      We hope to have our playlist on air by September, and streaming by October. If you like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter you'll know as soon as it happens.

  4. Derek Sample

    Today April26 @ 8:30am aprox. You Played a song by John p Kee, Could you please Fwd. me the name of that song. I was trying to locate your playlist, but must admit i'm not computer savvy... A Sincere Thanks; Derek A. Sample

  5. George Harris

    I really do ejoy listening to your programing when I can. Its really an effort because of signal distance I have to listen intenly because the signal fades I in the kershaw county area north of Camden. Would please consider posting your playlist on the web? I am looking for a song you played titled "Say good-by to yesterday".

    Thanks so much

    P.S. dedicated fan of the stations format keep up the good work

    George Harris

  6. Dorcus E. Abercrombie

    I was listening to Radio Baha'i this past weekend when I heard a commercial that did not settle well with me. It stated that if you were racist, sexist and several other things then you did not belong in the Baha'i Faith. I thought about the message and myself and wanted to write to you because I have been a Baha'i for 40 years and I have struggled with all of those things "within" the arms of Baha'u'llah. Some of them I have overcome and some I am still struggling with. I am glad that I have had the struggle within the Faith instead of outside it and would like to ask you to reconsider that commercial to say that if you are having problems with these issues then the Faith is for you. We are not perfect and we struggle, but if you know that your feelings are troubling you, look to the Faith for assistance. It seemed to me that the commercial was pushing people away and surely we are an embracing community despite all of our faults. and struggles. Thank you

    1. Bruce

      Dear Dorcus,

      I too am a listener to WLGI, and I live in Georgetown, SC. I am a practicing Christian, and listen to this station for four reasons. I really like the smooth jazz that they play, I think the prayers heard on this station are absolutely beautiful, the DJ's are cool and classy, and I like the overall message they portray.

      If I may make a comment on how you have reacted to their "commercial", I believe you have heard it wrong.

      The commercial did NOT say that that if you were a racist, sexist, etc, that you did not belong in the Baha'i Faith.

      What it did say, as I have heard this played many times on the air, that if you were in to above mentioned groups, that you would NOT WANT to be a member of the Baha'i Faith. I see this as a "double negative", thus making a positive. It was another way of saying that the Baha'i Faith promotes love and respect for all people. I find it to be, especially compared to the message portrayed by the Satin ridden liberal media in this country, a fresh breath of air.

      We are all God's children, and he is most saddened when we are mean or ugly to each other.

      I applaud Radio Baha'i, and all its loving messages. Bruce

  7. Chris Johnson

    The South Carolina Jazz, Arts, & Music Festival is Feb. 23 2013 at the Koger Center. 3 artists with the main artist being Chante Moore. I hope Radio BAHAI starts telling the people of Myrtle Beach about this show.

    1. Greg Kintz

      We'll post any updates to our streaming status here on the website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

  8. Baysha

    I want all of the Baha'i family and listeners to know that some of us listening, are temporarily living in our cars. Each story is different. For me, it was a layoff. I am also an adult college student. Allthough I stay to myself as a form of protection, it feels as if I am bonding with a unique family of Bahai's. And, maybe I am not alone. (No, I don't do drugs...just trying to explain what I experience every day while listening to the station.) When it's time to pray, I find a quiet spot a few minutes prior. I am encouraged by your message, music, and prayers. I am grateful for my car and having a operating radio. This is how I was introduced to 90.9FM. More importantly, I've tried to take your music indoors. I am unable to hear on my MP3 player and will watch for the streaming news online. More Pat Metheny, please. Thank all of you for the sacrifices made in order to bring this station to the forefront!! WE are listening! WE have changed for the better! 🙂
    PS Kudos to Bruce for the comment!!

  9. Kathy

    What is the name of your program that offers spiritual guidance, from the Writings of the Faith? A friend of mine listened as he traveled from NC to Myrtle Beach and was very please with what he heard. However, he said it was a program with a word in the title that he can't remember. I'd like to know if you have any idea what he is talking about, the name of your program that offers words of wisdom on living a good life. He thinks it starts with the letter "H".

    1. Greg Kintz

      Kathy - I'm afraid that is not enough information for us to go on. We have a number of Baha'i spots with quotes in them, and as far as we can tell from the information you provided, it was most likely a quote that was read by the on air host (DJ), but those are not logged separately. I'm sorry we couldn't help.

  10. Antoinette R$osa Ganim

    When you say that the Baha'i Faith is the second most widespread religion in the world, I think that many people might be confusing this with the most "populated" religion in the world, which we are not. It worries me that people might believe this. being a South Carolina person,and familiar with the way we talk ; I would like to ask that when you make this statement,which is a wonderful statement, you would clarify this meaning. Thank you so much for your time. Antoinette Ganim

  11. Antoinette Rosa Ganim

    When you say that the Baha'i Faith nis the second most widespread religion in the world ,you are not talking about population. I think you need to make this clear to the audience.I misunderstood myself and I have a college education. Thank you . Antoinette Ganim

  12. Antoinette Rosa Ganim

    Today is September,21,2013;A day that is declared International Peace Day. I just found that out.There are lots of things on the computer about this. Some wonderful videos. A lot can be gotten through the Bahai webs........

  13. Ulla Sholes

    Subject: PSA

    Area Churches and Camping Connection are joining together for a Block Party. This event is open to the public.

    There will be free food, inflatables, putt putt, soap box derby, cake walks, music and more. Please join us!!!

    Date - Saturday October 19th
    Time - 11 am - 3 pm

    Location- Camping Connection-located at 1756 Hwy 17 N Surfside Beach. (Behind Pizza Hut)

    Thank you!!!

  14. Tony R.

    I was waiting so long for this station to go live stream. Back in the early'90's when I lived with mom and dad I kept 90.9 lock on my small radio in my room always playing low even when I was a must that it had to be on when I draw and do homework....after I left to go overseas I was told that my folks continued to let it play in my I'm much older I still listens to this station when I return to my home Britton's Neck SC. Driving from Charlestown on hwy52, I can get good radio signal when heading north out of St.Stevenson....can't wait for work tomorrow so I can listen to it all day from my phone.thanks

  15. Phaidra Glover

    My name is Phaidra Glover. I work for a nonprofit organization in Longs, South Carolina called Fans of America Foundation. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps fire, military and police groups locally and nationally. We are a brand new organization and we're looking for ways to share our message with the public. How may my boss talk to your listeners about our organization and what we want to accomplish? Our web site is We help fire, military and police groups with housing, career retraining if their service ends due to illness or injury, issues with mental and physical trauma and much more. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter (@FansofAmerica). Our office number is 843-399-9763 or you may email me at Thank you.

  16. don todd

    Good day from Jakarta. I am a Canadian Baha'i having lived abroad all of my adult life. I am pleased to share a few Radio Stations I find extremely interesting and of great human value. One is in South Africa called '702' Talk radio..I enjoy the weekends when they play the best of 50-60& 70's plus the Big Band era. During the week it deals with human life issues where public call in to chat with the very insightful hosts. Its an award winning station and am sure other Baha's would enjoy it too. I go to the internet to stream 702 - and 'BBC Out-look' interviews mainly to listen to the variety of interesting people. These are my top favorite international stations especially if you grew up in the 70-80s as young adults then. I am keen now to listen to Radio Bahai to learn more about your programming. I would especially enjoy Interviews followed by call in from listeners providing feed back. I hope to become a fan of your station as time passes. Cheers!

  17. Hans G. Randau

    I just discovered your station. I am a Bahá'í, German, living in Hungary, and I am running an internet radio station myself, Radio Pécs International. I am playing a wide variety of genres, mainly Folk from around the globe, and occasionally Bahá'í-inspired music, too. It would be nice to stay in contact with you.
    The station is listed in the major directories, such as "TuneIn" and "iTunes".
    Webpage see above.

  18. VEE

    A great quality station! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE bring 90.9 Ba'hai radio to Charleston, SC area! There is a dire need in Charleston which has a large market base for a radio station that is positive and features jazz and family friendly music. You are an awesome A plus radio station! Hope that you will seriously look at powering your signal clear & strong to reach Charleston, same as you do in MyrtleBeach. Thanks! Charleston & lowcountry are looking forward to 90.9 radio Ba'hai

    1. Greg Kintz

      We can't increase the power due to the FCC rules for non-commercial stations, besides the high cost. We are streaming so that you can listen wherever in the world you are. That's the best we can do. Please see our Streaming Page for how to stream to one of your devices.

  19. Charles Stahlecker

    Sadly,I just learned of the passing of guitarist Ronny Jordan. While I'm not sure if he is a regular on your playlist, I'm sure your listeners and myself would appreciate some kind of tribute to this artist. His music is unique,special and always spoke to me as a native Philadelphian. One of my favorite's is the classic "After Hours" from "The Antidote" cd. He will be missed.
    By the way, your station is fantastic and probably gets more play in our home than any other. Thanks so much,and keep up the good work.
    Charlie and Pat

  20. Renee

    Hello to all the family at Radio Baha'i. Radio Baha'i is usually on my radio 24/7. I not only look forward to & enjoy the wonderful diverse sounds of jazz, gospel sounds etc., but I also look forward to the informative talk segements -- a wealth of knowledge. Very much needed in the commnity. I especially look forward to & appreciate Bhakti L. Hough with "Drum Beat". I learn something everytime it comes on...for example I just found out about the African American Art taken place in Lake City..where else would we hear about that! Hey Bhakti & Torry, Magic 94.3.

    Having Radio Bahai's serves a need & void in our communities. I like the fact that I don't have to wait until Sunday to hear jazz. As far as I am concern, I love most music, especially my R&B but Jazz is the most intelligent music on earth -- you listen with your soul & your heart can't get no real than that!

    Thank you Bhakti for your committment to your communityyou deserve an award! Please take a moment & bow and accept your award! Love you!

    1. Bhakti

      Renee, thank you very much for the kind words! We'll will continue doing what we endeavor to do best, serve God and our brothers and sisters with music, information and inspiration that feeds our souls and takes us to higher levels of functioning and being. We're glad we are here for you. Stay tuned. Peace.

  21. Chuck

    Santana “Samba Pa Ti” from The Many Sides of Santana (SONY MUSIC SPECIAL PRODUCTS)Buy it!

    Baddest song ever by Santana at 7:06, but I know Samba Pa Ti, and just listened to Song of the Wind and Yours is the light. Unless you have a different album/CD I could not match it on YouTube. Please tell me exactly what song and from what album you played at that time?? It had vocals and of course Santana. Love your station.

  22. Bhakti

    Hi Chuck, thank you; glad to know you enjoy our programming. The song you heard got mislabeled somehow. Instead of Samb Pa Ti, that was Transcendance from the Moonflower album, featuring Greg Walker on vocals. Peace.

  23. Paul D. Eburne

    Hi- I've been listening online for 2 yrs now. I was wondering if you have changed formats or something as I hear less jazz and way too much pop,michael jackson etc.
    It seems this way when listening during the day or even at night. Sadly, I listen much less frequently now. regards.

  24. Thozi Nomvete

    Hey WLGI!
    Did you know I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard my name mentioned this morning? Wow! I’m still recovering from it! Really, you guys are sooo different, soo original in your style, so enchanting in your presentations that … I don’t know what to say. You’re as fresh as a cool breeze from the East. And you deserve a medal of sorts. But, seriously, your programming is superb; the jazz, the R&B, the old new Gospel sounds, and, of course, the “Love, peace and unity” slant makes you stand out like a shining star on a clear blue sky! See, that’s what you get when you mention people’s names. 

  25. Thozi Nomvete

    What I find truly amazing is simply that there isn’t a time when I switch on Radio Bahá’í that I find an instance where the music they are playing is NOT to my liking! Now, I’ve been listening to radio programs for more than a few decades. In all that time, I can say Radio Bahá’í is unique in their blend of music, in their choice of songs, or in their discussion or informative programs. I have yet to encounter a station that can surpass Radio Bahá’í in any and all aspects of their presentations. Not only that, the choice of songs show cases super good musicians, super good instrumentalists; in other words, the best of the best. And that’s true, you know. 🙂

  26. Thozi Nomvete

    Hey there,
    Thank you for playing the Seals and Crofts piece featuring authentic African sounds in the tune Sudan Village. That was great! It's about time African music, African contributions to world culture are featured as a matter of course, not as an after thought. This is the kind of sound that is lacking in general American culture. Americans tend to pretend that everything is about when this country started, everything is about "American" culture, when the so-called American culture fails to place into proper perspective the contribution of the Native American nations that flourished here before someone form Europe got lost. This guy is now portrayed as if he was some kind of "hero." He got lost, pure and simple. And now, the world over, we are laden with calling Native Nations of America as "Indians." They have probably never been to the real India! The same disregard of other people, other nations - black or white or pink or red and yellow, are not given their proper place in American cultural and economic discourse, except, of course, America has done irreparable damage to their authentic original lands.
    And so, when you play authentic African rhythms, you are playing the sounds of the cradle of mankind, where everything started. Bravo to you, guys. Way to go!

  27. Bruce Braynard

    I am very saddened at the change of music gandre on wlgi.
    The smooth jazz, you used to play, I believe, was liked by all, and promotes "peace, love, and unity", and attracted a wide group of people.
    The music you play now runs off more people than it attracts, and may be " self serving" by those at the stations controls.
    I see no more peace, love, and unity now on wlgi.
    There also seems to be fewer Prayers.
    I will be contacting those further up the chain as to why the change.
    There used to be one good FM radio station on the dial, but am saddened to see that is gone.
    My two cents, Bruce in Georgetown

  28. betty

    is there a radio Bahai' station I can listen to in Roanoke, Va. I am in North Myrtle Beach and have enjoyed 90.9 while here

  29. betty

    Is there a radio station like 90.9 in the Roanoke area. I am in North Myrtle Beach and have listened for the last month

    1. Greg Kintz

      There is not another station like 90.9 in the Virginia area. Radio Baha'i is live streaming on the Internet, however. If you click on the LISTEN button on the Home page, a browser window will open with a streaming player in it. You can listen from anywhere that you have Internet access. Please call us at the station if you have any questions.


  30. Paul N Cravens

    I have been listening on my Amazon Firestick via Tune In app. The Firestick does not have a browser. Do you have an app that is available for the Firestick?

    1. Greg Kintz

      We don't know, but we'll look into it. Give us a few days to try to find something. Thanks for letting us know.

  31. Gwendolyn Spencer

    I was listening to your program about an herbal cure for worms, etc. I was driving and could not write it down. Please give me the name of this herb. Thank you. I also enjoy your music and other talk radio.
    G. Spencer

  32. Trip Barthel

    Dear friends, we will be passing through Hemingway on April 11 to 13. We wanted to stop by and visit if you have time. I have been teaching dynamic consultation workshops around the country. Warmest Bahai regards. Trip Barthel 916-813-4146

  33. Dan

    Listening to streaming media on Linux, especially when using active defensive browser plug-ins, can be a challenge on a good day, and a lost cause on a bad one. Naturally, that outcome has a lot to do with the skills and intentions of both the site and the server firm. Ergo, I was very pleased when the WLGI stream ran immediately without any fuss or adjustment.

    In short, to everyone on-board, very well done!



  34. Izzy

    Our family is here on vacation. As I was scanning the radio stations I heard your. While at the beach everyone has their music up loud with cursing. But I wanted something that is hype yet has an amazing message. I just heard Moriah Peters. I put the music up loud and rolled the windows down. For the next 30 min. Could you pay like Toby Mac, Hillsong Young and Free,. Etc. Thanks

    1. Greg Kintz

      We're so glad you found us among all the noise on the radio dial! Thank you for your artist recommendations. We depend on listeners cluing us in to artists and specific songs that should be in our playlist. We play Hilsong United's, "Touch the Sky", let us know if there are other specific songs you have in mind.

      We hope you know that you can listen to us online from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet, wherever you are - just go to our website, and click on the LISTEN button. If you are using your cellular data plan to listen, select the WLGI Low option (drop down menu on the right side of the window - by default it says WLGI High). With the low bandwidth selected, you can listen all day!

  35. Mary Lou Roznowski

    So glad to be able to hear WLGI, even though I am in Michigan!
    I love all the Baha'i prayers and songs, and also glad you play songs by Casting Crowns. Especially Thrive, Just be held, and Good Good Father.
    Thank you for being there. You lift up my spirits with song and prayer.

  36. Gwen L Ellis-Cotton

    Hello lovely people in Hemingway and surrounding areas!
    It's sooooo wonderful to be able to listen to WLGI for a little bit! I wish the good music and more importantly the GOOD message of the Baha'i Faith, prayers, and passages could be on in every city in the country as it is so needed in this divided and negative world!
    Some of you may remember me as I lived and worked with the Louis Gregory Baha'i Institute back in the middle 1970's! Thanks again for putting out such wonderfully powerful program! Love to you all--- Gwen Ellis (Cotton)

    1. Greg Kintz

      Thank you, Gwen!! You are, indeed, remembered here. 🙂 Spread the word that people can listen anywhere in the world that they have Internet access.

      1. Gwen L Ellis-Cotton

        I will spread the word Greg!! I'm sending your web address to a couple of folks I talked to recently!
        I wish I could get it on my car radio!! At least we have Van's CD's to listen to!
        Keep doing the good work and service! Hugs to you, Ernest and CJ!!!


    Since I moved to Georgia, I forgot how awesome this station is and while visiting Myrtle Beach this weekend, I was reminded. Thank you for doing what you do and keep doing it!

  38. Greg Kintz

    Thank you! You made our day!! We hope you know that you can listen to us online from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet - just go to our website, and click on the LISTEN button. If you are using your cellular data plan to listen, select the WLGI Low option (drop down menu on the right side of the window - by default it says WLGI High). With the low bandwidth selected, you can listen all day!


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