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As part of our community partnership, Radio Baha’i airs announcements for community organizations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and religious organizations at no cost as a public service. However, to get you the greatest benefit, we need your help. In order to get your announcement on the air in a timely fashion, we ask that you use our new online form, below.

Keep your announcement to under 150 words, with 100 words being preferable, and note that phone numbers, email addresses and web URLs (addresses) are hard for the listeners to remember, or to write down quickly. So, please only give one phone number, or one email address for the listener.

We require the name of your organization on the form, but only require contact details and address the first time you submit an announcement using the online form, below.

For best coverage, please submit your announcement one month before the event date, if at all possible. We need two weeks to get it recorded and into our scheduling system, and then we are able to run the announcement for two weeks leading up to your event.

In addition, we would love to have the voice of someone from your organization reading the announcement, which we will then air. After you have submitted the online form, you can record the announcement yourselves, using your smart phone or tablet. Just use the built-in voice recorder app and read the script with the microphone abut 6-8 inches from your mouth, and in a relatively quiet location. Then, email the voice recording to us at