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Vision and Mission


Ernie Hilton in the Production Room.
Ernest Hilton editing a program.

Radio Baha’i contributes to a prosperous and just world civilization created by vibrant communities based on spiritual principles. The activities of the station assist communities in its service area to, “achieve a dynamic coherence between the material and spiritual requirements of life.” Radio Baha’i ensures that individuals in these communities have access to knowledge that empowers them to live lives that are based on fundamental spiritual and human values, and are inspired by and oriented to the Divine.


Radio Baha’i contributes to positive social change by providing the various communities that it serves with access to knowledge that those communities have identified as necessary to uplift themselves and advance their community’s spiritual, cultural, social, and economic development. The station participates in consultations with the communities in order to identify these information needs.


All activities are in keeping with the principles and teachings of the Baha’i Faith.
Access to information and participation is provided using various types of media.
Knowledge is both modern and traditional.
The station facilitates connection and information sharing with other organizations and communities who embrace similar goals and values.


6 thoughts on “Vision and Mission

  1. Dr Anthony Reams

    I thought WLGI 90.9 fm Hemmingway, South Carolina...serving Northeast South Carolina and Southeast North Carolina...would be streaming already to those of us that are often in Myrtle Beach, but sure could use a daily dose of Radio Baha'i in Silver Spring , my wait to be longer??

  2. Harri Peltola

    I'd like to listen to Radio Baha'i on the other side of the pond - in Finland, that is. Hence I am waiting for the streaming to start. You might want to consult Michael Eissinger, the owner/operator of radioNUR (in Fresno CA) who has had to do a lot of investigating on which service to choose for streaming. And I think he has succeeded very well.

    1. gkintz

      We are working on it. We will contact Michael to get his advice. We are aiming for October to be streaming.

  3. Lena Johansson

    Wunderful with a Baha'i Radio !! Are there any possibility for a swede to listen to your radio and the Music you have ?? All the best in your service !!!!


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