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Service Area

Radio Bahá’í serves Horry, Georgetown, Williamsburg, Florence and Marion counties, in South Carolina. These are the areas for which the station will provide community calendar announcements, public service announcements, and remote broadcasts. It is also the area in which we will seek partnerships with community service organizations, non-profit organizations, and government service agencies.

To the left is a map showing the signal strength for Radio Baha'i. The inner circle (blue) is the Local Coverage area. This is the area within which any radio should be able to pick up the station. The outer circle (purple) is the Distant Coverage Area, within which some radios will have a hard time getting the station, but radios with some kind of an antenna should be able to get the station clearly. Beyond the outer circle the station can still be received, but only with better quality radios with good antennas. Most car radios can pick up the station beyond the Distant Coverage Area, out to about 65 miles or so from the WLGI tower.


8 thoughts on “Service Area

  1. Toby Deviese

    I am vacationing in Myrtle Beach and just discovered your radio station. do you ever air classes on the Bahai religion?
    I have only been able to hear gospel-type music this far.

    1. gkintz

      Thank you for your comment, Toby. We don't do classes on the Baha'i Faith on air. You can get more information about the Baha'i Faith, and information on Study Circles from If you call 800-22-UNITE, or fill out the "Request Information" form online, you can get information on study circles in your area. The purpose of Bahá'í study circles is to provide participants with the knowledge, spiritual insights and skills to enable them to contribute to the betterment of society, starting with their own neighbourhood. This is done through systematic study of a sequence of courses based on the Bahá'í Writings using the courses of the Ruhi Institute.

  2. linda


    I live in Darlington South Carolina and I can not get your radio station......please help me.


  3. Melissa Young

    I live in Washington state and am wondering if the radio station is available by internet streaming? I'd love to be listening to you!

  4. Christian

    I been in vacation for the last 15 year or more at lakewood campground and always listen 90.9 , M. windoll as a exemple in the past this year always move my inner sens, i live in Montreal and would apreciate listen true the internet the station that inspired me.

    what is the the internet url adress so i can enjoy and past the faith to otherone please.

    Kind regards and all due respect, thank's

    1. Greg Kintz

      We are not streaming on the Internet, yet. We'll post on our website, Facebook, and Twitter when we start. It should be soon.

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