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Music on Radio Bahá’í

The music on Radio Bahá’í is mostly uplifting music from a variety of genres –Contemporary and Traditional Gospel, R&B,  Jazz,  Reggae, Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Folk, and more.

The music schedule for Radio Bahá’í, 90.9 FM is as follows:

Music All Week
2 - 6 a.m.: Dawning of the Day
6 - 10 a.m.: Morning Inspiration: Gospel and Inspirational music with CJ
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.: Mid-Day Melodies with Tori
2 - 6 p.m.: Afternoon Cup of Inspiration with Ernest Hilton
6 - 10 p.m.:  Evening Star with Dennis Rawls
10 p.m. - 2: a.m.: Midnight Reflections

Information Programs
Peace Talks Radio - Sundays at 10 a.m., 7 p.m. and midnight

39 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. jerry barr

    I live in franklin va and my family is from sc,your station is the best soon as i can pick your station up i feel so relaxed and at peace .combined with gospel makes it spirit filled.thanks

  2. ted gore

    i have spent a few years in sc,love your station,i now live in austin,tx. i visit sc a lot,i go to the charleston area,waiting and hoping you go online soon.thanks ted gore

  3. Harley Connor

    While I was vacationing at Myrtle Beach this New Years, I was doing my usual move from one radio station to the next and just happened to come across your station. I am so impressed with your station!!! WLGI Radio Baha' i not only provides excellent music without constant repetition, most importantly it provides a much needed spiritual connection for today's listeners. On top of this you are also concerned about the community. Did I drive into the twilight zone on my way to the beach?! I am from the Charlotte area and I have driven up and down the east coast. There is no radio station that can touch what you have to offer the public. May the Lord bless all of you to keep doing what you are doing! Please find a way to offer internet service. This is certainly a radio station I need in my life. If I lived in eastern SC, I would never turn to a different station!
    Many Blessings,
    Harley Connor

  4. Yvette Young

    I love the music played through out the day. I have taken your morning inspiration and made it part of my start of the day. I would like to purchase some of the music I hear, but do not know the name of the artist. I found the this site hoping I could see a playlist of the music being played. Can you please help in me identify some of these artist! Keep being uplifting, I'm grateful.

    1. gkintz

      We will have our playlist on the website in the next few months. We are aiming for September for this to happen. In the meantime, please just email us at and ask about specific songs.

  5. jesse madden 846-504-4875

    Im from spartanburg sc i have a godspel/ jazz cd what are my chances of air play

  6. John Zyck

    I agree with Harley...please offer a way to hear your station online. I live in Columbia, SC, and I don't like hearing smooth jazz on the radio only on Sundays! Your music is wonderful to hear, especially as more cities are losing smooth jazz on the radio.

    Thank you,
    John M. Zyck, Jr.

  7. Michael

    I often hear music with very inspirational themes so your programming is definitely working. I would love to be able to hear many of the songs again and know what to search for if I want to purchase them. Is there a playlist available?

  8. Robert Major

    I live out in Ruffin, SC, and I don't hear this station in afternoons, but I hear it at night and in the morning and I just like the smooth and lite jazz music. Thank you 90.9 Radio Baha'i

  9. Theresa Epps

    I listened all weekend and loved every minute. Yet I heard a song Sunday afternoon (8/12/12) around 1:22pm and cannont find the playlist and cannot guess the artist. It may have been a lead sax with vocals and they sang down on that corner over and over. To help find the song, at 12:15 pm you all played a song w/ a spirtural overtone but yet jazz with Jeffrey Osborne as guest vocals. Please help me out with a playlist or just the name of the artist. Thank you 90.9, Theresa

  10. Theresa Epps

    The Greenville/Spartanburg S.C. area could use this nice jazz station here. We do not have one. I'm sure there is a market for this area.

  11. dmd

    I love hearing your station on the drive from Florida to Virginia. Can't wait to hear you online. Peace and love.

  12. Robert Major

    I ws hearing a song just now at 4:30am and it sounded really smooth and i don't know the song title. I was hoping for a playlist on the website, but did not see one. If you would please like give me the name of the song or artist, it won't matter to me. Thanks 90.9 Radio Bahai.

  13. ilovejazz

    heard a song with a crazy drum / bongo solo around 4:55, id love to know the name. playlists are important to people like me.

  14. ffulla

    keep on doing what your doing, love the station. I picked up your station on my way to columbia, oh man you had me hollering in the car wow fantastic.
    Got online to listen to you, please get online.

  15. excell alexander

    I listen to you in myrtle beach on vacation l live in Augusta ga. How Can I stream you through the internet tune in radio?

    1. gkintz

      We are not streaming yet. We are actively working on it though and will keep you informed here on the website, or on Facebook and Twitter if you want to Like or Follow us.

  16. Charles Stahlecker

    My wife and I are recent transplants to Longs, SC from Phila Pa.
    We happened upon your station looking for presets on our home radio and stopped searching. Great music, great station 24/7 and while we never honestly heard of the Bahai faith, it's hard to argue with peace, love and unity.
    Nice message; keep up the good work and we'll keep listening.

    1. Greg Kintz

      Thanks for the comments! Great to have you in the area and listening to the station.

    2. Hilda

      I really do ejoy lintiseng to your programing when I can. Its really an effort because of signal distance I have to listen intenly because the signal fades I in the kershaw county area north of Camden. Would please consider posting your playlist on the web? I am looking for a song you played titled Say good-by to yesterday .Thanks so muchP.S. dedicated fan of the stations format keep up the good workRepecfully,George Harris

      1. Greg Kintz

        Thank you for your comments. I am amazed that you can listen at all in Camden. If you have Internet access you can listen via streaming, and you won't need to strain so much. Here is the link, which works on desktop and mobile browsers:

        Our playlist is available at We hope to have this incorporated into our website in the near future. For an explanation on how to use the site, go to this page from our website:

  17. Larisa Cortes

    I was so happy to hear Radio Baha'i coming back from our beach vacation in Myrtle Beach last weekend. To go from extreme materialism and excess to listening to your excellent programming and music was a breath of fresh air. I am looking forward to the day you can have live streaming! (A Baha'i from Hillsborough, NC)

    1. Greg Kintz

      Thank you for the comments. We are striving to be a source of joy and upliftment, and a refuge from the noise of commercial radio. We'll keep everyone updated on our progress to streaming here and the website and via Facebook and Twitter.

  18. Jonathan Thompson


    I am a frequent listener to your radio show. However, I have been searching for a song that I have heard on your station. The artist's name is "Brother to Brother". The song title is "Keep on Steppin". I am unable to locate this song. Please Help. Thanking you in advance.


    1. Greg Kintz

      Gospel Group: Brotha 2 Brotha
      Song: Keep On Steppin’
      Album: Brand Nu
      This Album can be found on iTunes just make sure that the spelling is as above.

  19. Jim Dennis

    Hello friend,
    I just released an all Bahai original album called "spreading rays of light"
    Please use the free download code and have a listen and if you feel any of the songs are worthy, please consider adding them to your playlist.
    Enter code:kn77-wmkh
    Also available on iTunes.
    Thank you

  20. Deborah Willis

    Monday, June 17th - can you please identify name/singer of song played at 8:30 - had lyrics of: need your shining light, lamp , need your guiding light/lamp............. syncopated style.

    Thank you.

    1. Greg Kintz

      That was most likely "Oh God, Guide Me", by Eric Dozier and Friends, from the album, "To the Glory of God". It is from a CD released in 1996. If you want more information, you can "Like" Eric Dozier Music on Facebook, and ask Eric"

  21. Earnest kidd

    you play this song this morning gospel before Kurt Franklin what was the name of that song it sounds like Dionne Warwick do anyone know the name of that song if so e-mail me

    1. Greg Kintz

      The song was, 'Til We Meet Again, by Evelyn Turrentine-Agee. Glad you're listening!

  22. Catherine Saunders

    While vacationing in Garden City, SC in November 2016, I did not just happen upon this station but believe the Holy Spirit was involved in my finding you. I listened to this station for the entire month and it so uplifting. The music of peace, love and unity is what this world needs.

    I heard something last night on a local Christian station about a 30 challenge to listen to just Christian music and that inspired me. Our church is in a 21 day fast and I have chosen to add this station to my 21 practice and not listen to any other music and let God have his way.

    I live in Fayetteville, WV and I listen on my phone as well as my PC.

    1. Greg Kintz

      We are so happy you found us, and that you the messages in the music connected with you! We hope your 21 day fast goes well. Please let others know about the station, and how to listen. 🙂

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